Contena Review

You can make a decent amount of money by writing. Contena is one of the most popular platform for freelance writers. Here is the ultimate Contena review.

Bottom Line

Contena is a platform that partners with companies and individuals looking for freelance writers. It offers exclusive job leads to its members.
It notifies them when a gig in their niche is added to the platform through emails.
To be a member, you need to wait for an invitation after submitting your questionnaire and pay the membership fee.


The Pros:

  • It helps boost your career as a writer
  • Options to work full-time and part-time
  • Multiple niches and categories to choose from
  • A decent flow of work

The Cons:

  • Massive and unfulfilled promises in the learning module
  • The site is sometimes misleading about jobs
  • Inadequate and unclear information on the site Contena

Are you just beginning your writing career looking for platforms or sources to pay you for your hard work?

One of the best and popular ways for writers to earn money is through writing job boards. They are a great way to pick up a few clients when business tends to get slow.

Contena has its perks and disappointments and several things to consider before pitching to various clients.

The article below is a thorough review of Contena explaining what it is, how you can sign up to start working, and the money you can earn from the platform.

What Is Contena?

It is a freelancing platform that allows writers to make money by pitching and writing for clients at varying rates.

It is a membership-based freelance platform, unlike most others available on the internet. Writers must pay for a one or two-membership to gain access to job listings and education.

Contena regulates the flow of work to ensure every writer on the platform gets a decent amount.

Think about it:

There are thousands of writers trying to join the platform, and you may start wondering how the platform manages to distribute jobs equally.

First of all, the platform employs on an invite-only basis.

To hear back from Contena, you need to fill a short questionnaire requesting details about your writing experience.

How To Sign Up On Contena

The first step of the sign-up process involving answering a questionnaire is relatively easy. You simply go to the Contena website and click on “Apply to Join.”

You don’t necessarily need to have any experience, but that will affect how Contena responds to your information.

The questionnaire will ask you about the niches you would love to work in, for example, finance or Cannabis.

If shortlisted, Contena will respond to you with a deeper explanation about the niches you identify when answering the questionnaire.

It will also contain some stats for every niche, including available jobs, average salary, and the highest salary you can make from a gig.

Contena also sends you their writing niche secrets guide with helpful information on the advantages of working with niches.

After going through this information, Contena sends you an email to activate your membership while paying.

How Much Does Contena Cost?

Is Contena worth the money? The short and honest answer is no.

Contena is a job board with a few additions that make it stand out from others hence the membership fee.

You can choose to pay for a one-year membership at $497 or two-year membership at $947. Contena also offers a monthly membership starting at around $40.

Let me explain why:

The job listings you get after payment are pretty similar to those you find on free job boards but comes with a learning module.

The module is meant to teach you how to build the foundation for your writing career by training you on pitching to clients, creating working samples, and assembling a portfolio.

How Much Money Can You Make On Contena?

The total amount you can make from Contena depends on the specific work and the niche you are writing on. The most profitable niches include medical writing, technical, and finance.

A technical writer can earn anything between $70,000 to $100,000 annually, and a financial writer can make anything above $80,000.

Ghostwriting, fiction, and grant writing can earn you up to $50 or $60 per hour.

Types Of Writing Gigs On Contena

When you have a valid membership on Contena, you can choose the kind of writing job you want from the following options:

  • Agency – they are jobs typically from content writing agencies that are easier to get and don’t require much experience.

Agency writing gigs don’t offer the best rates, and Contena notifies you of this through the quality score on each job.

  • Full-time – you can also choose to apply for full-time writing jobs.
  • Contract – these jobs pay much better than others and tend to be more consistent.
  • Submissions – it is a new feature recently introduced on the platform. It features publications looking for a one-time writing project.

The best way to maximize your income on Contena is to try and work in all four categories. This way, you will rarely lack writing gigs.

How To Search For Jobs On Contena

Contena allows users to customize their search and get the appropriate results. Some of the categories you can choose in your search customization settings include:

  • Technology
  • Entertainment
  • health
  • Sports
  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Business, and many more

How Does Contena Work?

When you narrow down your search to be more specific, Contena instantly displays what is available at that moment.

From there, you click on the job you want to pitch, and you are directed to the job’s original ad or the one on Contena.

The platform has made it easy to find jobs by displaying the contact and compensation info right next to the ad.

And if that’s not enough:

Contena notifies you when a new job ad with your specific category is added to the platform.

Contena vs. ProBlogger

Contena (Rating: 3/5)ProBlogger (Rating: 4/5)
$497 annuallyFree
Learning modulesNo learning modules
Multiple categories and nichesMultiple categories and niches


Though challenging to start working on Contena, the platform offers some good deals and well-paying jobs.

The main challenge people face when trying to register on Contena is the rejection of applications. It helps to ensure an adequate flow of work for the existing writers.

New writers get a chance to join the platform as the volume of work increases.

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