FlexJobs Review

Is FlexJobs legit and can you make real money from using it? What should you know before signup up? Here is the ultimate FlexJobs review to answer it all.

Bottom Line

FlexJobs is a highly efficient business platform that gets you job opportunities from various companies worldwide.
You may not get to work for the company you want, but you can get a remote job and put your skills into use.
It consists of extra helpful features such as email updates, blog articles, career coaching, a referral program, and many others.


The Pros:

  • Addition of over 800 work-from-home jobs every week
  • Effective filtering options such as flexible schedule, 100% remote-jobs, willingness to travel, and more
  • Brief, clear job summaries and company profiles
  • All levels of career from entry to executive
  • Over 50 job categories

The Cons:

  • Management of workflow happens individually outside the site
  • Subscription charges may be high for some people without jobs

Are you looking for remote, freelance, and flexible jobs? FlexJobs is an online service that allows you to find remote work and part-time positions.

FlexJobs collects tons of verified work from employment agencies and company websites such as Quora, Spotzer, Deel, and many others and lists them on their site.

Every job is hand-screened and verified before it is added to the site. This ensures that every job opportunity is legitimate.

Most of the jobs are 100% remote, while some are attached to a particular location with some work from home permitted.

FlexJobs has over 50 career categories, including transcriptionist jobs, accounting and finance, home data entry, travel and hospitality, and many more.

But the real question is:

Is it really worth paying for? FlexJobs subscription fees vary depending on how much time you intend to spend on the platform.

Types Of Jobs On FlexJobs

Here is the kicker:

You can find almost every kind of job you can imagine on FlexJobs. Some of the most popular categories include:

Graphic Design

The platform lists many independent, freelance, part-time, full-time, and contract for graphic designers.

Some of the avenues they can virtually work in include marketing of technology and commercial industries.

Call Center

These are jobs for people who can quickly think of a solution using a computer and a telephone to meet customers’ needs.

Some virtual employees hired in this category handle incoming calls, while others call people and organizations for marketing, appointment settings, and other necessary operations.


Marketing is a career with opportunities in the majority of major industries. The work of marketers is to help their employers by educating potential clients on products and services offered.


If you enjoy expressing yourself through the written word, you can grow your career as an online writer by providing content for viewers, readers, or listeners.

You can get jobs as a technical writer or an author.

Some of the other major categories of jobs on FlexJobs include:

  • Transcription
  • Data Entry
  • Research
  • Customer Service
  • Telemarketing

FlexJobs Features

FlexJobs is more than just a job listings platform. It contains some extra features that make it easier for you to get jobs and grow. They include:

Skill Tests

Some jobs may be demanding and require a particular proficiency of requirements. This is why FlexJobs gives you access to 170+ skill tests.

These help you gauge your test skills and work on your weaknesses to sell yourself better.

The tests usually run for $10 – $20 each but come free when you have a FlexJobs membership. You can take a test as many times as you want to boost a particular skill level.

FlexJobs skills tests allow you to prove your skills in various categories, from software packages to language skills.

Email Updates

If you miss out on jobs that match your criteria for not seeing the posting on time, FlexJobs can help with that.

When you save your favorite searches, ensure you are signed up to receive emails. FlexJobs will notify you by email every time a job that matches your criteria is posted.

It is an efficient way to stay updated on potential jobs without visiting the website now and then.

Company Guide

The company guide consists of information on all the companies listed on FlexJobs, including past job listings, awards, and a direct link to their site.

FlexJobs is open about who they are in business with, a great assurance that you can trust the platform.

You can use the information on the company guide when writing a cover letter for a job application.


Another reason why FlexJobs is worth trying out, there are zero ads on the platform. That is what you get from an excellent chargeable job search service.

It would be pretty tiresome if you paid to access a service and still see ads when scrolling through job listings.

Blog Articles And Other Content

FlexJobs has an active blog whose content is open to members and non-members as well.

FlexJobs is heavily involved in the flexible working community with initiatives including the National Flex Day, a day for reminding people and businesses about the benefits of flexible working.

Career Coaching And Resume Reviews

When you are a FlexJobs member, you can get career coaching at a discounted price of $64.

Private coaching includes a 30-minute personal call that covers things such as cover letter writing, resume reviews, and mock interviews.

During resume reviewing, an expert helps you build your resume for specific jobs you are best suited for.

The platform has also introduced weekly career coaching in a question-and-answer live format.

This coaching feature rewards the effort you put into it.

Referral Program

FlexJobs subscription charges range from $4.16 – to $14.95 every month. You can also get a weekly membership at $6.95.

The best part?

You can get a free 1-month membership when you refer someone, and they sign up using your link.

Resume Profile

This feature allows you to create various online resumes. However, due to the vast jobs on the platform having their own application process, they don’t integrate with the site’s resume platform.

The main benefit of creating resumes is that you are informing FlexJobs more about your skills. This way, it will include more relevant jobs in your email updates.

FlexJobs Vs. Virtual Vocations

FlexJobs (4.7) Virtual Vocations (4.2)
800+ jobs added every week3500+ jobs added every week
$4.16 – to $14.95 per month$15.99 per month
Jobs screened and verifiedJobs screened and verified
GlobalMore suited for US-based residents


FlexJobs is an incredible platform that is a valuable resource to freelancers and work-from-home individuals.

But here is the big question:

How much are you willing to pay to beat your competition and get jobs more quickly?

While FlexJobs does not render a free trial, their services are valuable and affordable.

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