Ibotta Review

Can you actually make money with Ibotta and is it a scam or not? Here is the ultimate Ibotta review to help you decide if you should try this app.

Bottom Line

Being easy to use, completely free, and accessible almost anywhere in the world, Ibotta is an app that is worth a try.
You may not earn a lot from it, but it’s easy money which is better than nothing.
Moreover, there are no hoops or requirements to use the app. All you need to do is register, link your store’s loyalty accounts and credit and debit cards.


The Pros:

  • It is free to use
  • A simple and efficient way to save money on frequent shoppings
  • Cashback is available at most popular retailers
  • Offers are easy to find
  • Various payment methods, including bank, PayPal, or gift cards

The Cons:

  • The app tracks your location when in stores
  • It has only partnered with major retailers and big brands
  • Poor customer support

Ibotta is a platform that allows you to earn cashback after making groceries and other purchases.

It is a browser extension or app that has been operational since 2012. Over the years, it has paid out over $860 million cash rewards to at least 35 million users.

If you do your shopping at major retailers such as Target or Walmart, you can get some cashback for your items using the Ibotta app.

Ibotta has partnered with more than 300 in-store and online retailers to get you cash rebates on items such as bananas, milk, tomatoes, frozen veggies, and other groceries.

Other brands, including the Seventh Generation, Hormel, Ragu, Pampers, and many more, offer tons of rebates on different products.

And the good news:

Both the app and browser extension are free to download and use.

How Does Ibotta Work?

You can earn money on Ibotta for purchases at retailer locations and online shopping. The following are the various ways the app works:

Earn In-Storetravelers

Once you open an account on Ibotta, find the nearest retailers and browse available offers to claim cashback on intended purchases.

Once you find an offer you would like to redeem, just claim it and add it to your shopping list.

When claiming an offer in some instances, the app may request you to answer a short quick survey about the product you are adding to your list.

With all the offers you can find on your shopping list, go to your preferred retailer store and buy your items as you usually would.

After shopping, upload your receipt using Ibotta’s camera function to earn cashback.

The app cross-references your previously added orders with the items on your receipt to find a match. When found, you are asked if you want to redeem the cash for cashback.

Save Money On Online Shopping

Ibotta app can also help you instantly save money from more than 140 online retailers such as Kohl’s, Nike, Casper, Instacart, Advance Auto Parts, and many more.

To save money online, open the app or page on your computer and select ‘Online Shopping.’ From there, you will see the list of currently existing offers.

Click ‘Shop’ and make your purchase as usual. Once the transaction is complete, the cash will automatically pop up in your account.

Pay Bills With Ibotta

Ibotta has partnered with several restaurant chains and nationwide stores where you can instantly make payments using the app.

When you opt to use the Ibotta payment feature, you earn cashback and discounts on in-one purchases.

To make payments with Ibotta, you first have to link your credit or debit card to your account in the ‘Payments’ section.

When clearing a bill, you will show the Ibotta gift card code to the cashier and allow them to scan it.

Once scanned, you can pay for your items or services directly through Ibottan and earn instant cashback.

Some of the places you can find this feature helpful are Applebee’s Peet’s Coffee, Chipotle, Steak and Shake, and Olive Garden.

Connect Loyal Accounts

Among the retailers Ibotta has partnered with, it is linked with some of its loyalty accounts.

You can use the Ibotta app to link a loyalty account for the store you want to visit using your existing account credentials or register a new one.

Once you complete this process, Ibotta continuously gives you cashback for purchases made in that store when you use your loyalty card to finalize transactions.

It is a beneficial feature that helps you avoid frequent uploading of receipts after every purchase.

Is Ibotta Worth The Time?

The Ibotta app has for long been operational and is highly rated by most individuals. If you are worried about your safety, the app is secure to use.

Turns out:

The company uses advanced security protocols like 256-bit data encryption.

However, it is also important to note that the app can sell your data to third parties. That is how the company makes money.

It is pretty challenging to understand precisely what happens to your information, where it goes, and whether it is safe with third parties.

Are you too busy to coupon? Coupons have and still are an excellent way for consumers to save money when buying products.

The Ibotta app is a more efficient and painless way, especially when you combine it with Receipt Hog and Receipt Pal.

You can use it in addition to coupons and store sales to get almost free or even free products.

You may be wondering:

Can I save a reasonable amount if I don’t do a lot of shopping? The answer is yes.

You can save a small amount after every shopping and wait for the balance to pile up even for a year. You can access the total amount before a festivity such as Christmas.

The Ibotta app and browser extension have an interface that is easy to understand and operate. It takes you about 5 minutes to unlock the rebates and even less time to pay or upload receipts.

Ibotta Vs. Fetch Rewards

Ibotta (4.3) Fetch Rewards (4.2)
Free to useFree to use
Minimum cash in: $20Minimum cash in: $3
Suitable for groceries, hotels, shopping, and moreNot recommended for restaurant diners or frequent travelers


Ibotta is an app that everyone can use but is highly recommended for people who regularly purchase brand-name items.

It is free and a great way to make some extra cash on almost every purchase in major retail and online stores.

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