Trim App Review

Is the Trim app worth it and should you use it over the competition like Truebill? Here's the ultimate Trim app review to help you choose.

Bottom Line

The Trim app consists of a free and premium version, which can help you easily manage your finances. The free version helps you cancel unwanted subscriptions and acts as a bill negotiator.

The premium version, which only goes for $10 per month, contains advanced features such as TrimPay for debt payoffs, financial coaching, savings, and more. It is a solution for many users with a particular money blind spot looking to manage their weaknesses.

• Free version and premium version for $10 per month or $99 annually
• No minimum requirement to open an account
• 4% reward on your first $2,000 savings


The Pros:

  • The app has an easy-to-use interface
  • Automate bill negotiation and debt payoff
  • Saves you money
  • Eases management of money
  • Monitor your expenses

The Cons:

  • No investment opportunities
  • Lacks a goal-setting feature

Are you looking for an app to help you save money on auto-pilot? The Trim app is a great time and money-saving application.

A decade ago, the market would not have any crucial functions for the app. But now, with various automated services that people subscribe to, there are various ways you can cut costs.

Most of these automated services are cheap and easy to forget about; hence you can end up spending on things you don’t need.

The Trim app helps eliminate unwanted extra spendings and reduce your regular spending. Upgrading to Trim Premium offers more advanced saving features.

What Free Trim Offers

The Trim app is continually developing and including more features that relate to saving money. It is well-known for its ability to cancel unwanted subscriptions and automatically negotiate bills.

Before you say that these are simple tasks you can do on your own, remember that Trim can accomplish this relatively easily, even in your sleep. The following is how its features work:

Bill Negotiator

Did you know that Trim can negotiate for lower rates with your internet or phone company and cable service provider?

For this feature to work, you need to submit a bill for negotiation and provide a payment method that Trim uses to charge you only if it saves you money.

The best part?

Trim contacts the bill holder to negotiate, and you are notified whether the app can save you money or not. Trim uses a chatbot, or an employee makes a call to negotiate your bill.

If it can help you save money, Trim charges you for the service three days after completing a reduced bill transaction. The app charges 33% of the total money you save per year.

Trim can also help you get car insurance for free by connecting you to Gabi, a service that scans more than 90% of insurance companies to find the best rate.

Canceling Subscriptions

Best of all:

Trim works like a personal finance bot that analyzes your transactions to detect recurring transactions such as subscription services.

Nowadays, it has become a common thing to find yourself with more subscription charges than you anticipated.

In the past five years, the subscription economy has grown by more than 100%. Some recurring charges for things like video games, software, and membership sites may go unnoticed.

You could forget to cancel your HBO subscription and continue paying for a service you are not using.

Unless you monitor every transaction you make, subscriptions are easy to forget about, and they cost money.

The Trim app analyzes your transactions to find out which are recurring. It selects all those services, and you can choose which to cancel and receive frequent updates on the progress.

What Trim Premium Offers

Trim recently introduced a new paid service that includes a debt calculator, savings account, financial coaching, and automatic credit card payments.

It costs $10 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee or $99 annually after a 14-day free trial. The following is how the new features help you financially:

Simple Savings

You can now use the Trim app to schedule automatic transfers to your Simple Savings account. This new feature comes with a 4% annual reward on your first $2000 savings, reducing to 1.1%.


If you have a credit card debt, you can use TrimPay to start clearing it automatically.

All you need to do is pick the credit card you want to pay off and set up automatic weekly bank transfers.

The money will go to a savings account, and then you can select a day of the month when you want it to be sent to your credit card company.

Debt Calculator

When using Trim premium, you need to link all your accounts. This way, Trim will be in a position to look at all of your credit card debt and help you come up with a payoff plan that reduces interest.

Financial Coaching

As if that’s not enough:

Trim consists of a team of financial planners who can advise you on creating an emergency fund, paying off debts, and other financial issues.

They also help you negotiate credit card interest rates.

Where Trim App Disappoints

Overall, Trim is an excellent financial app that can help you clear off debts and save money.

The only downfall to the app is that it lacks some necessary features when managing one’s finances.

First of all, it lacks tools for investors or ways to invest your money to make a profit.

Secondly, it has no goal-setting features, and you need to come with your own way to help meet your targets.

How Trim App Makes Money

In case you might be wondering:

How does the Trim app make money if its intention is to help people save? The app gets income from the 33% charges on your total savings.

It is also getting revenue from subscribers who are upgrading to the premium version.

Trim vs. Truebill

Trim (4.5) Truebill (4.3)
A free version, premium at $10 monthly or $99 annuallyA free version, premium at $3 – $12 monthly or $36 – $48 annually
No minimum opening depositNo minimum opening deposit
Interest on savingsNo interest on savings
Automatic bill negotiatorAutomatic bill negotiator
33% charges on total savings annually40% charges on total savings annually


If you are in debt with one or several credit companies, the Trim app is a good solution for you. It can help you save money and start clearing the debts.

You can also use the app to cancel unnecessary subscriptions and negotiate bills automatically, something you will rarely come across in financial apps.

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