Turo Review

Is Turo worth using and how much can you make with Turo? Here is the ultimate Turo review to help you decide if you should use this platform.

Bottom Line

Turo is a peer-to-peer platform connecting car owners and individuals who want to hire vehicles for a specific period. Both the app and website are relatively easy to use, making your experience worthwhile. Turo is the platform to get a car you have always desired to drive at a meager price.


The Pros:

  • Plenty of bookings
  • User-friendly app and website
  • 24/7 Phone support

The Cons:

  • Charging a hefty commission fee
  • Poor customer service
  • Lack of transparency

If you and your spouse work from home, there are times when your car will spend days in the garage or driveway.

Have you ever thought of renting out the car and some extra money maybe for its maintenance? Then Turo car rental is the right platform for you.

This article will look at Turo and how you can utilize it to make extra income using your car.

What Is Turo?

It is a marketplace accessed through a website or app where you can list a car you don’t need for some time to make some extra money.

Some people prefer hiring private cars from individual owners rather than dealing with traditional rental companies.

You see:

Turo Car Rental is versatile since listed cars vary in price and types you may not access through regular car rental services.

How Does Turo Work?

Turo works like most platforms offering services to users where you search for a car filtering results using destination and dates.

When you find what you are looking for, you can book some cars instantly while you have to send a request for others.

The owner may deny or confirm your request based on the availability of their vehicle.

The entire process involves the driver and the owner communicating and planning a meet and do the exchange.

The Turo app, which has a lot of similarities to Lyft and Uber, allows communication through calls, messaging and allows location-sharing.

If you are a frequent traveler using rental cars, you understand how vital photographs are as evidence.

Turns out:

It can help you avoid charges for any pre-existing damages.

How To Sign Up And Use Turo?

Car Owner

For owners to list their cars on Turo, there are five steps involved:

  1. First, create a free account, submit the required documents, and await approval.
  2. Upload multiple angle photos of your car and add a detailed description, including the features and specs.
  3. When you get a request, respond quickly and arrange to meet with the driver at a mutually convenient time and location.
  4. Check your mileage, car’s condition, remaining gas, and ensure that all the documents are up to date, including the driver’s license.
  5. When you pick your car from the driver at the scheduled time and location, ensure everything is in good condition and rate your experience with the client.


The signing up process for drivers is simple; it involves the following steps:

  1. Create a free account using Facebook, email, or Gmail account and await approval.
  2. Once approved, look for cars in your area and book a vehicle.
  3. Arrange for pickup with the owner or have it delivered at a fee and present your license during the transaction.
  4. Return the car on time to the agreed location with a full gas tank.

Requirements To Rent Through Turo

For you to list your car on Turo, you will need to provide a copy of your valid driver’s license and proof of auto insurance.

Turo is like any other car rental service and will try to upsell you Liberty Mutual insurance which you can accept or decline.

Car Listing Requirements

Turo ensures that the cars listed on the platform are of quality and can offer an excellent experience to drivers by putting up some requirements. The car should:

  • Meet Turo’s insurance requirements
  • Be less than 12 years apart from classic or specialty cars, which should be model year 1990 or older, have a market vault of up to $85,000 and be in ideal condition
  • Have less than 130,000 miles
  • Have a market value of up to $150,000

How Does Turo’s Insurance Coverage Work?

Renting out your car to a total stranger can instill some fear in the car’s owner.

Therefore, Turo tries to ease your fears by providing Liberty Mutual insurance which provides up to $750,000 and other coverage options.

You can choose between five different tiers of coverage that determine the percentage of the rental fee you retain after a successful transaction.

The five options are named for the percentage of the rental fee the car owner retains. They include 60 Plan, 70 Plan, 75 Plan, 80 Plan, and 85 Plan.

How To Manage Our Turo List?

Managing your car listings on the platform can cause or lead to avoiding problems such as penalties, canceled bookings, and low booking rates.

The following are some of the crucial things about your listing you should always keep in mind:

1. Photos

How you display your car to potential clients may either attract or dissuade them from renting from you.

Turo offers its users the following tips for when uploading pictures:

  • Take pictures from several angles
  • Ensure there is good lighting
  • Take the photos in creative locations
  • Include the car’s interior
  • Ensure there are no other cars in the picture
  • The entire vehicle should be visible in the frame

Turo also offers professional photographers, but unfortunately, this service is not available in all areas.

2. Description

After the photos, the description highlights important policies and special features your car might have.

You can also use some of the icons on Turo to denote particular features you may want to utilize in your marketing strategy fully.

3. Availability

Turo advises the users to ensure accuracy to their availability calendar. This helps avoid conflicts as they honor the incoming bookings.

4. Policies And Delivery

Turo allows car owners to set policies such as banning pets, smoking, and charging a cleaning fee for anyone who breaks these or other rules.

You can also set delivery prices to certain airports, locations or generally set a delivery radius.

5. Response Time

Turo displays the response rate and response time to customers, which plays a considerable motivation role.

Your response rate also affects your rank in listing searches, meaning responding on time can get you more customers.

How Much Money Can You Make With Turo?

If you thought you could charge whichever price you want on your car, you are in for a disappointment.

Here’s why:

Turo provides a “Carculator” that generates your estimated income based on your car’s model, make, and location.

It is estimated that you can earn any amount from $20 for standard cars up to $1400 for supercars such as Lamborghini per day.

However, Turo adjusts the prices based on changes in demand and availability of vehicles.

Turo vs. Getaround

Turo (4) Getaround (3)
No membership feeOne-time $10 license fee for a DMV check
The minimum age to hire is 21 yearsThe minimum age to hire is 18 years
$50 per hour late return fee$50 per hour late return fee
 25% of the trip price for booking fee$150 first time security deposit


Turo offers versatile options for users depending on the specific requirements, whether you are the official or adventurous type.

It is more affordable and convenient than most traditional car rental agencies.

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